Flood of Goodwill

by Bill Schwamle



In these hard times for Colorado, we would like to offer a virtual care package of stories of recovery and helpful tips. This is a five part series geared for both musicians and fans that hopefully will aid in recovery of the floods.

If you are a band in need please leave your name, website, and how you need help in the comments section of this post.

This is Colorado Music Originals Flood of Goodwill.

Theme song “Colorado Song” Co-Written by Bonnie Sims, Giselle Collazo, Sharon Glassman, Brad Smalling, Quentin Young. This track mixed by Brad Smalling at Evergroove Studios.

Colorado Song is designed to be shared and covered. If you’d like to record it, add a verse, or add it to your set, send us a link to your version and we’ll share it here. All we ask in return is that you pay it forward, by helping a musician impacted by the CO Flood.

Colorado Music Originals is hosted by Sharon Glassman. For more about Sharon please visit her website.

Colorado Music Originals is recorded and edited by Bill Schwamle. For more about Bill please visit his website.

Episode 1 0f 5 – Surviving Jamestown with Nancy Farmer:

Stories of the music and the flood.

Sometimes good things rise up from terrible events. Nancy Farmer talks about how the flood has pushed her towards music. As mentioned in the show, if you want to help Nancy please donate by clicking this link.

Episode 2 of 5 – Fund Your Community with Nick Armstrong:

Learn how to fund community projects.

Nick Armstrong talks about Community Funded and how they bringing businesses and communities together. They have many community based projects that could help musicians.

Episode 3 of 5 – Music Rebuilding Bands after Sandy with Walker Hornung

Musicians helping musicians after hurricane Sandy.

Within days of hurricane sandy Walker, of Brother Hood of the Grape, came up with an idea that leveraged local music to help other musicians affected by the storm. Listen to this ongoing story of recovering from a major disaster.

Episode 4 of 5 – How To Water Proof Your Career with Dave Ratner:

Three tips on how safeguard your music career.

Whether you are a solo artist, a band, or a symphony, Dave Ratner of the Creative Law Network gives simple tips from copyright to setting expectations.

Episode 5 of 5 – Katrina Years Later with Davy Mooney

The road to recovery is not always a straight path.

Davy Mooney tells his story of life and music in the years since hurricane Katrina. A Modern and Gypsy Jazz guitar player by trade, Davy’s journey from when Katrina broke ground in New Orleans and now is most like a jazz solo modulating between scales.

Nate Cook of The Yawpers

by Bill Schwamle


From deep inside the video vault, we dug out this one from Nate Cook of The Yawpers. This is the video shoot from the podcast show with Nate. Please enjoy Architect from Nate Cook.

Kort McCumber Live @ Larry’s Guitar

by Bill Schwamle

This is a stellar performance from Kort McCumber recorded back in December of 2011. The show was filmed at Larry’s Guitar Shop in Longmont. Every Thursday Larry brings a local artist to play their tunes.

Kort McCumber Live @ Larry's Guitar Shop

Watch this video on YouTube.

I Chase Lightning Original Video

by Bill Schwamle

Tank muses about living with his gritty and slightly folk style in his song “I chase lightning down with my bare hands.” Singer-Songwriter Tank Kincaid is a Colorado native living in Greeley. Produced by ColoMusic own Bill Schwamle, please enjoy.

Tank Kincaid – Original Video

Watch this video on YouTube.

Take To The Oars

by Bill Schwamle

Ryan Gombeski vocalist of Take To The Oars joins Colorado Music Originals. If this interview were a comic book, this would be the origin story of TTTO. Plus a small gig at a place called Red Rocks. Yes, Ryan, it is ok to say it again. Red Rocks. We play Answers, Why Am I Not Where You Are, and Monster Eats Pilot.

Visit Take To The Oar’s website

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As elders become the children now we have Eldren

by Bill Schwamle

Josh Lee singer-musician joins Colorado Music Originals. We laugh, we cry, we … well not exactly. It’s more like we talk about video games and music while playing songs from Eldren. Sleepy Walker. Hug Rabbit. and NWO. Find out where they are playing and how to connect with them.

Visit Eldren’s website here

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Collaboration 2.0 – Making the Scene

by Bill Schwamle

How did the peanut butter join with the chocolate? We get philosophical about the nature of collaboration. Then we talk with Franklin Taggart and his project NoCo Indie Showcase whose goal is to create opportunities for musicians to collaborate, to create events to build their audience, and get more paying events for musicians. In other words he is building a scene. Plus we throw in a song from the Denver band The Skeleton Show.

Please visit NoCo Indie Shows online http://www.nocoindieshows.com/
Email Franklin Taggart at NoCoIndieShowcase@gmail.com

Megan Burtt and Stage It and YOU

by jukebox


Megan Burtt is traveling the Eastern Seaboard. But for everyone in Colorado, you can see her play LIVE on a new website called Stage It. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Stage It and it won’t be the last either. Check it out now to see Megan Burtt and many other Colorado Music Originals!!

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CMO 05/01/12     

Quentin Young Talking The Blues

by Bill Schwamle

Quentin Young brings the blues to CMO. He muses over Hendrix, Robert Johnson, and Lead Belly. As Quentin says about the blues,”It’s pure art. Raw art – blood and internal organs and brain matter laid out for you.” The blues is a conversation between the artist, their instrument, and their soul. We are talking (and playing) the blues on Colorado Music Originals.

To CD or not to CD? Recording options for today’s musicians.

by Bill Schwamle

Brad Smalling Recording and Mix Engineer at Evergroove Studio joins CMO. We talk about recoding music in this age of music including compact disks, mp3 downloads, and vinyl records. There are many choices for musicians today and also some creative ways bands are promoting themselves.

CMO 03/28/12

The “Second” Life of a Song (Part 2)

by Bill Schwamle

Vivek Tiwary continues his conversation with CMO. First we continue the idea of a second life or many lives for a project. Then we talk about Musicians on Call a non profit group that brings live and recorded music to the bedsides of patients in healthcare facilites. Learn more about a group that is growing nationwide.

Please visit Musicians on Call online.

Also listen to part one of Vivek’s interview interview on CMO.

CMO Online Concert – Craig Corona Live @ Larry’s

by Bill Schwamle
Playlist: Craig Corona Live @ Larry's
Watch this playlist on YouTube

Live @ Larry’s with Craig Corona – Craig Corona plays live at Larry’s Guitar Shop in Longmont in November of 2011.

Please visit Craig’s website here.

For more about Larry’s Guitar Shop please visit his website here, or go to 508 5th Ave in Longmont, CO.

Getting the Right Gig: a restaurateur’s guide to booking bands

by Bill Schwamle

Steve Carlson, owner of Sun Rose Café in Longmont, joins CMO to talk about his perspective on booking acts. What worked. What didn’t. And how that process has evolved. Steve also talk about his mother and her life long involvement in the music industry.

The “Second” Life of a Song

by Bill Schwamle

CMO talks with Vivek Tiwary, founder of the Tiwary Entertainment Group, about The “Second” life of a Song. Vivck’s passion for music led him to project involving the music industry. He started Starpolish.com a site developed to help musicians help themselves. Lately, traditional band management no longer was effective, so he evolved the process into such projects like Green Day’s American Idiot on Broadway, Producing a documentary about Brian Epstein called the Fifth Beatle which Tiwary had acquired the rights to the music of the Beatles, and Punk Rock Dad a sitcom based on Jim Lindberg the singer of the punk band Pennywise.

So much good information we had to make the interview into two shows.

Lindsay and The Lost Caravan

by Bill Schwamle
Playlist: Lindsay and The Lost Caravan
Watch this playlist on YouTube

Lindsay Meredith and The Lost Caravan play “Monsieur Joli” and “Get Me To Stay” at the Colorado Music Originals studios. Listen to the radio show here.

Please visit LindsayMeredith.com to get music or find out about concerts.

Trevor Rocks CMO

by Bill Schwamle

In response to Music Genie question from Nate Cook, where is the underground music scene? Trevor O’Connor joins CMO to talk about the above-ground-underground Denver music scene. Also we talk about Musicians In Action a group of people putting together benefit shows to help the areas homeless.

Trevor Rocks Denver

Check out Callywood Music

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Chris McGarry Live @ Larry’s Guitar.

by Bill Schwamle

Live @ Larry’s Guitar Shop with Chris McGarry – Recorded on 10/13/2011.

Chris McGarry plays at Larry’s Guitar Shop with his moody, spacey, old-timey music. Playing both guitar and ukulele, Chris muses on traveling and life embraced by his songs here. The full concert is here in three parts.

Chris McGarry Live at Larry's Guitar Part 1

Watch this video on YouTube.
2 – Chris McGarry Live at Larry's Part 2

Watch this video on YouTube.
3 – Chris McGarry Live at Larry's Part 3

Watch this video on YouTube.

For more about Chris go to http://chris-mcgary.com

Or find him on Facebook

Colorado Music Originals Episode #5 – Nasty Nate Harris

by Bill Schwamle

Cmo005 NateHarris by colomusic

Colorado Music Originals Episode #4 – Kane Hollins

by Bill Schwamle

CMO 004 – Kane Hollins by colomusic

Knuckle Duster – Kane Hollins

Watch this video on YouTube.

For more videos of Kane Hollins please go to our YouTube page.